VINYL-OFF™ is a safe ready to use product designed to assist in removing vinyl graphics AND adhesive from multiple substrates (metal, glass, canvas, FRP, painted surfaces, gel coat, fiberglass, etc) IN ONE STEP! VINYL-OFF™ is a productivity enhancement tool and its benefits are the most obvious on older, difficult to remove vinyl graphics and decals. Used properly it will remove vinyl and 90-98% of the adhesive at the same time. Want to see how well it works? Try pulling some of the vinyl in your traditional manner without VINYL-OFF™. Then apply VINYL-OFF™ and just follow the directions.


Please test this product in an inconspicuous place before using, especially on unfamiliar surfaces.

Before Getting Started

We recommend starting with a small area and determining the best method of dwell time, amount of heat, and angle of pull. For best results, warm surfaces immediately before attempting removal - Warm to the touch. Sun warmed on a warm day is perfect temperature.

Step 1

Wipe or roller apply Vinyl-Off™ onto ONLY the vinyl you want to remove using a cloth or fine nap roller. Remember a little goes a long way! Over application can lead to the product finding its way on to unintended surfaces. For LARGER APPLICATIONS: Use fine nap paint roller and work on 1 panel at a time.

Step 2

Allow a few minutes dwell time. Vinyl-Off™ penetrates the vinyl and attacks the adhesive behind it. (Dwell time will depend on vinyl thickness and age). Longer dwell times will be necessary for older vinyl and if the ambient temperature is below 60°F, applying an additional coat of Vinyl-Off™ immediately before removing may also be helpful.

Step 3

Apply heat source and another coat of Vinyl-Off™. This product is Non-Flammable and contains no toxic fumes! Properly used torches and heat guns can be used with this product, even indoors!

Step 4

Using a plastic scraper; begin lifting the corner edge of Vinyl and pull at a 35° angle. The vinyl will come off in larger pieces because it has been rejuvenated. If some adhesive is left behind, Vinyl-Off™ is being too aggressive! Use less heat or shorten the dwell time if this occurs. If the Vinyl is not lifting like you would hope, increase heat used, and increase dwell time, it also may be necessary to rough the surface of the vinyl up with a fine grit (100+) sandpaper to allow Vinyl-Off to penetrate vinyl more easily.

Step 5

Most of the adhesive should come with the vinyl. Remove any remaining adhesive by either reapplying the product.

Want to know more?

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