VINYL-OFF™ is a biodegradable, non-toxic, and proprietary product designed to safely remove Vinyl Graphics and adhesives in one simple step. Wipe it on, let it work, Peel it off.

Traditional methods of removal are heat, chemical, and mechanical. Heat is great, and we encourage professionals to pair heat with Vinyl-Off, however, propane torches reach temperatures of up to 3000°F. Extreme temperatures easily damage delicate finishes and critical autonomous sensors that can be very costly to replace.

Mechanical removal works well but can be tedious and time-consuming. Aged vinyl is brittle and tends to flake off in paint chip-sized pieces, frustrating wrap techs and adding to labor costs. After using heat and scraping tools to remove the vinyl, technicians will need to perform an additional step to eliminate lingering adhesive residue on the vehicle.

VINYL-OFF™ employs a unique approach to tackle sign prints, car wraps, and Paint Protection Films (PPF). It targets and breaks down the protective Polyvinyl top layer. Once the vinyl is penetrated, VINYL-OFF™ rehydrates the film and efficiently lifts both the wrap and adhesive from non-porous substrates, including metal, glass, boats, cars, and trucks.

If you have experienced the frustration of spending hours trying to remove a challenging wrap, look no further than VINYL-OFF™ to become an essential tool in your work arsenal. Countless businesses have benefited from using Vinyl-Off, slashing labor hours by thousands and allowing them to redirect resources to other critical areas of their operations.

Stop Pickin’ & Start Pullin’ - with VINYL-OFF™!

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